Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing for Change traveled the world to bring many artists together for a cover of the Rolling Stones classic “Gimme Shelter.”


Gaddafi Spent Years Developing a Participatory Democracy

Participatory Democracy - Wikipedia

Concealing Death Tolls of Natural Disasters

Djinn or genies are supernatural creatures in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings which occupy a parallel world to that of mankind.

Dennis Kucinich "Civilian Casualties Should Be EVERYONE'S Concern!"

For Sale: The Desperate States Of America

Chicago drivers will pay Morgan Stanley at least $11.6 billion to park at city meters over the next 75 years, 10 times what the system was sold for.
The Mayor used millions from the deal to help balance the budget, but since then, Morgan Stanley has raised parking fees 42%.

As of Friday, the Denver area recorded 80 bank robberies in 2011, compared with 64 at this time in 2010

Gulf oil spill documentary 'The Big Fix' screens in Cannes

The film disputes industry claims that the millions gallons of oil spilled after the April 22, 2010, explosion on the BP PLC-owned Deepwater Horizon rig have largely been cleaned up or dispersed.

If all goes according to schedule the space shuttle Endeavour will land in the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 1

All's Well That Ends Well is a play by William Shakespeare. It is believed to have been written between 1604 and 1605

The Nebra Sky Disk is a bronze disk of around 30 cm diameter, with a blue-green patina and inlaid with gold symbols.and associatively dated to 1600 BC.

The sky disc of Nebra was found near Europe's oldest observatory in Goseck

Tin Foil Watch -- Outbreak of Beams, Rays, Rings, and Ripples -- in Kansas and Colorado

Seafood fraud

While 84 percent of the seafood eaten in the United States is imported, only two percent is currently inspected

FDA Study Finds BPA in 90 Percent of Canned Foods

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lockheed Martin Takes Over UK Nuclear Bomb Base

Man films himself annually for 35 years and made a video going backwards to 1977

On May 20, 2011, NASA Sky Cameras Capture Man-Sized Meteor Over Macon, Georgia

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler

Best of the Left Podcast-#491 - Land of the free, home of the brave (Police State)

Members of the US Congress were informed by AIPAC that they would be video-taped, and whoever cheered hardest would get the most money for 2012.

OKC pharmacist guilty of murder for killing injured robber

Miami Beach shooting - Memorial Day weekend 2011

Ford Pinto owners celebrate car's comeback with rally starting in Denver

"Memorial Day" by James McMurtry

James McMurtry - Memorial Day.mp3
Memorial Day Massacre of 1937

MMOWGLI -- The US military's first online war game

The Hollies - Have You Ever Loved Somebody? 1/22/1967

Existentialism - Wikipedia

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Police Brutality at the Jefferson Memorial in DC on Memorial Day weekend

The Quaalude Lesson

Baby Come Back

Amsterdam to Stop Selling Pot to Tourists

Video of Kindergarten teacher in Mexico keeps her students under control while there's a gunfight outside. 5 people were killed.

The majority of this violence is the result of the Merida Initiative signed into law during the Bush Administration
Mexico’s Top Narco-Blogger Comes Forward

Micro Air Vehicles

Coming sooner than you think

Know Your Ally: Britain was a 45 minute propaganda film narrated by Walter Huston

via - Marc Blitzstein, Roland Hayes and the ‘Negro Chorus’ at the Royal Albert Hall in 1943

El Salvadoran Government and Social Movements Say "No" to Monsanto

"Death Squads" Target Salvadoran Journalists TADA! It's like Majic!

Astronomers complete mammoth 3D map of the local universe

An interesting photo from NASA

Married Couple No Longer a Majority in USA

Ron Paul supports the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011

Candwich, a sandwich in a can


14-mile-wide eye and powerful Super Typhoon Songda heads for Japan

Elvis Drunk On Stage

Coloradan Arrested For Alleged Insult To Thai King

Wandering preacher with mules, covered wagons looks for souls to save

Neil Diamond - Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show live 1970
I guess he always used a backtrack for that song

The Bed Bug Registry is a free, public database of user-submitted bed bug reports from across the United States and Canada.

Bedbugs: Infestation in Denvers Capitol Hill apartment complex estimated at 10,000 bugs (PHOTOS)
Woman Turned Away From Hospital Because Of Bed Bugs

(May 24)Foot patrols in Afghanistan boost IED detection

May 25 - Two soldiers of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) were killed in roadside bombings in Afghanistan
May 26 - Eight soldiers on foot patrol were killed in two individual improvised explosive device explosions that struck the patrol
Afghanistan War IEDs Cause Surge In Double Amputees Among U.S. War Wounded

TomDispatch Audio - Back-Asswards

Ira Chernus, a professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, discusses president Obama's recent ultimatum that Israel return to its pre-1967 borders.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Police State "Full Episode" - Only Aired One Time

Gil Scott-Heron dead at 62

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott-Heron
Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle

Thomas Grillo Professional Thereminist

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bibles, Crucifixes Not Allowed into Saudi Arabia

Ken Kesey Had a Bone to Pick with The New York Times

Ken Kesey was born in La Junta, Colorado to dairy farmers Frederick A. Kesey and Geneva Smith

"Guns & Butter" investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics.

Guns and Butter - 9/11 An American Coup and The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7

"Google today announced Google Wallet, an NFC-base payment system that will allow people to pay for purchases just by waving their phone across a reader.

The US Hispanic population grew of 43 per cent in 10 years tops 50m

Two senior officers in charge of U.S. air power voiced increasing worries that U.S. forces will not be prepared for a future conflict with China

A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes

1,500 People Still Missing After Missouri Tornado

Facebook hires two former Bush aides as top advisers

Brazil eases rules on conserving Amazon rainforest

Brazilian Amazon activist and wife ambushed and killed

Bear Stalks Man

This one is scarier - Alaska Grizzly Bear Attack - July 2008
Bear Incident on Donner Pass

Helicopter carries a plane.

Kansas City to lose millions in terrorism grants

Jethro Tull - "Spiral" (live at "Ohne Filter Extra" 1999)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) says no aid for Joplin without cuts

And yet in his speech at AIPAC , Obama gave assurances that American tax dollars will continue to flow in the billions to Israel.
(from 2007)Israel and the United States signed a deal on Thursday to give Israel $30 billion in military aid over the next decade
Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says he’s asking the federal government to reimburse 100 percent of the cost to local governments dealing with the Joplin tornado aftermath.
Strange photo from the Joplin, Missouri tornado

Hustler announces plans for a triple X parody based around the raid of Osama's compound, called "This Ain’t Bin Laden XXX."

Eddie Vedder On Giving The Ukulele A Turn In The Spotlight


Alex Jones and Over 200 Protesters Storm Texas Capitol Over TSA Bill (LOL)

The Texas criminal justice budget has increased from $793 million in 1990 to $2.94 billion in 2008.

U2 - Until the End of the World - Denver, Invesco Field - 5/21/11

There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says

Ron Paul "The Last Nail Is Being Driven Into The Coffin Of The American Republic"

The federal government can charge banks for money laundering or aiding drug trafficking if they accept deposits from a marijuana dispensary.

American Express cards may no longer be used to purchase medical marijuana.
New Law Would Allow Medical Marijuana Sellers To Get Bank Loans

North Atlantic current flowing into the Arctic Ocean is warmer than for at least 2,000 years

Two Greenland Glaciers Lose Enough Ice to Fill Lake Erie

Alex Jones sums up the scientific tyranny who criminally dominate this planet and what we can do about it.

Alex Jones Show - Deadly Fluoride: Hoax on the Run

Louis Armstrong - Hobo, You Can't Ride This Train

The Monroe Brothers - New River Train (1936)

Plutonium detected in rice paddy by a food manufacturer more than 50 kms away from Fukushima power plant:

Map of Japan’s 55 Nuclear Power Plants
Extremely High Levels Of Nuclear Cesium Radiation Found In Japan Sewer Systems
Greenpeace finds radioactive sea life off Japan
Rankin Dub Ainu Band - You can't see it, and you can't smell it either

Feds Issue Threat: No Fly Zone for Texas?

New Bill Proposes to Lock Up Immigrants Forever

Scientists recommend lithium for public water supplies to curb depression, cut down on suicides

Lithium in Tap Water already being tested in Japan - 1 year ago

Family seeks high school grad Will Norton sucked out of car's sunroof during Joplin tornado

Nearly every patient was splashed or covered with blood from all the glass, and people in the emergency room on the first floor were sucked out of windows into the parking lot.

It is a felony for impersonating members of a 4-H club.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Canada's new conspiracy law

Lion Steals Camera

HuffPo reports - The Fans At Coors Field, And 7 Other Ballparks Around Nation, Are Drinking Too Much

Then wouldn't you know - Fan seriously injured in fall at Coors Field

Rand Paul skips Netanyahu address

And instead introduced eight amendments and co-sponsored one amendment to the USA PATRIOT Act extension bill

UPDATE-Harry Reid Pushes Patriot Act Past Rand Paul

Cory Doctorow Asks: Are We Training Kids To Believe That Total Surveillance Is Normal?

Study released Monday by Gov. John Hickenlooper says consumers nationwide could save $3 billion annually by voluntarily cutting their electric use.

This sounds like "voluntary" rationing is on it's way


Video Captures Bradley Manning With Hacker Pals at Time of First Leaks

Bob Dylan Turns 70: Democracy Now! Airs Rare Interviews From Pacifica Radio Archives

Bob Dylan admitted to heroin addiction in 1966

Released American Hiker Sarah Shourd Jumps Bail,Won't Return To Iran For Spy Trial With Friends

When asked if she was still engaged, she replies she lost the ring.he he.

The comments give more insight to this case.
Ahmadinejad Stresses Women's Key Role in Iran's Progress

Debate on Wiretapping and the Surveillance Laws — From 1962

Free Ron Paul Presidential 2012 Bumper Sticker

Federal Reserve Could Start Tightening Credit Before End Of This Year

quote-The Fed would likely consider raising interest rates only

Starting June 25 of this year, Bank of America will start charging more and more of their credit card customers an APR of almost 30%.

Ya'll getting ready to get screwed hard

Best illusions of 2011

‘Libya war could last 30 years’

Remember when Obama said we will stay in Libya for days, not weeks? Then it was weeks, not months?

followed by Sixty More Days in Libya

You Can Take That To The Bank

The Who - Twist and Shout

Originally called Shake It Up, Baby Twist and Shout - Top Notes 1961 (Rare original version)

Forty teams from FEMA, search and rescue groups and various fire departments were training at a rubble pile at Denver International Airport.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Netanyahu Lectures Obama

A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel: Almost $114 Billion while the US sinks into being a Third World Country

War In Libya Is CIA Run, Media Shills Cover For Obama! Whistleblower Susan Lindauer

The Patriot Act - When Truth Becomes Treason - By Susan Lindauer

'Light Up My Life' songwriter kills himself

Patti Smith "You Light Up My Life" on "Kids Are People Too"
Patti Smith - Because The Night

reddit links to tornado damage

Rolling Stone Bows Down to MSM - Paranoid Nation: How Conspiracy Theories Are Destroying America

Texas to pass a law making it a felony to lie about the size of a fish you caught.

All fishermen are liars; it's an occupational disease

Eagle and the Falcon

Rand Paul Floor Speech on PATRIOT Act 5/23/11

An all-white deer has been spotted in an Aurora neighborhood.

For Profit Prison Industrial Complex Starts to Fail with the Release of 37,000 Inmates

"Ugly beds" stacked in gyms, tiny cages for suicidal prisoners—the photos that helped convince Supreme Court justices to downsize California's overcrowded lockups.
On average, it costs $19,888 per year to house a prisoner in the state, but an ailing elderly prisoner costs Louisiana $80,000 a year

NASA’s Alien Anomalies Caught On Film From NASA Archives

Thousands of workers suffering from internal exposure to radiation apparently inhaled radioactive substances scattered by explosions at Fukushima

Wolverine vs Wolf Pack

Mandatory Car Black Boxes Are Coming. Here's How It Affects You

They will install this in your car and record every your every move and infraction. Then when you reapply for license plates they can fine you for your offenses.

Denver Judge Taps Brakes on Copyright Lawsuits

Amazing Fire Illusion!

Andy McKee - Everybody Wants to Rule The World(acoustic)

NATOs Ties to Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Fukushima's apocalyptic threat demands global action

Tire explodes while man airs it up

A NEW Zealand truck driver who inflated "like a balloon" when he fell buttocks-first onto a compressed air nozzle was described as lucky to be alive today.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Expanded NYC smoking ban starts Monday

Mountain lion charges girls in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Blondie Vs. The Doors - Rapture Riders

Blondie - Platinum Blonde - 1975.

Wide shot of Joplin, MO tornado damage, including hospital

Street View from same intersection.

Liberty Conspiracy - 5-19-11 Medical Data and Gubment, Secret Service Questions Kid(podcast)

Cops Slam Guy in Wheelchair to the Sidewalk

Obama repackages Middle East message for AIPAC

Who's Your Daddy?

Montana businesses, professions requiring fingerprints

Delta Rhythm Boys "Take The A Train" 1942

Coon Sander's Nighthawks - Kansas City Kitty (1929)

Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra was the first Kansas City jazz band to achieve national recognition, which it acquired through national radio
Kitty from Kansas City - Rudy Vallee - 1931

Herman Munster Sings (Dry Bones) 1966

The Lennon Sisters as skeletons on ‘The Lawrence Welk Show’ singing Dry Bones

Rachel Goodrich- Lightbulb

An actual filming in 1932 with a woman crossing Time Square , New York , hanging by her teeth.

The Birdmen of Bolivia

USDA fines Missouri family four million dollars(after late fees) for selling rabbits

Study suggests 75% of two million pet rabbits are badly cared for and commonly misunderstood by families who look after them

After scanning and indexing over 3.5 million issues from over 2,000 newspapers, Google has decided to halt its news digitalization project.

Wicked Witch Osama and Wizard Obama!

Judge Napolitano: Rampant Violations Of The Constitution

This Is What A Police State Looks Like

Newport Beach Lifeguards Rake in ... $200K a Year

Only about half of that paycheck is salary, the rest is in the perks; after adding in overtime, special compensation, pension—Newport Beach's lifeguards can retire at 50 with 90% of their salary—medical benefits, and life insurance, even the lowest-paid officer made more than $98,000.

California Law Would Allow Raids Of Suspected Piracy Facilities Without Warrants

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A dance perfomance of pionner modern dancer Loie Fuller, recorded in 1896

Bruce Haack - Electric to Me Turn

Electric Lucifer
AHEM-- Robert Tim Scully is best known in the psychedelic underground for his work in the production of LSD from 1966 to 1969, His best known product, dubbed Orange Sunshine, was considered the standard for quality LSD in 1969.

LSD became illegal in California on October 6, 1966, and Scully wanted to set up a new lab in Denver, Colorado.

Scully set up the new lab in the basement of a house across the street from the Denver zoo in early 1967. Owsley and Scully made the LSD in the Denver lab.
Dragnet Blue Boy LSD scene

Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child Live

Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe
Jimi Hendrix - Red House live in Stockholm 69
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze (Live)
Jimi Hendrix Foxy Lady at Rainbow Bridge

John Candy's son is the singer in this band

Obama pardons South Carolina alligator hide seller

Moon rocks are considered national treasure in the United States and their sale is illegal.

Friday, May 20, 2011

History of Colfax

Prohibition (the pub) opening on East Colfax

Ice Skating Polar Bears

While Cutting Social Services, Kentucky Gives $43 Million Tax Break To Bible-Themed Amusement Park

GM Plant to Run on Landfill Gas

Man who fell from Kansas City Rockfest stage at Lincoln Memorial died

Shrew vs. Snake (“The short-tail shrew is the only North American mammal with a poisonous bite)

“This Ain’t No Cowtown” is a celebration of Colorado artists in compilation form being offered on a pay-what-you-want basis

The streets of Denver, Colorado at night from space

Shell today announced plans to build the world's largest floating object, a giant floating gas refinery, named the Prelude

Al-CIAda eyed oil tankers as bombing targets

1943 color photo of a Topeka, Kansas, train yard

Dr. Death hospitalized for pneumonia, kidney trouble

Obama signed the Plain Writing Act last fall

me no comprendo

On The Chopping Block: Federal Worker Pensions

Treasury using federal pension funds opens up move to take 401K's

What's wrong with the media, in one paragraph


The 'Electronic Brownshirts' attack on Kansas City professors

The Military-Security Industrial Complex and its political hirelings must be exposed and driven out.

The Security-Industrial Complex - by Paul Craig Roberts
The always-expanding bipartisan Surveillance State

Pt. 2 of Interview with Steve Earle: "Democracy is Something that is Contagious"

China has agreed to immediately provide 50 JF-17 fighter jets to Pakistan,

from March 2, 2011 New War Ahead: China-Pakistan vs. U.S.A.

The Dawn Media Group and Julian Assange, Chief Executive of Sunshine Press Productions, the publishing arm of WikiLeaks, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the exclusive first use in Pakistan of all the secret US diplomatic cables related to political and other developments in the country.
Ron Paul: U.S. may try to occupy Pakistan

Implant helps paralyzed man stand, take steps

When I was in jail, back in 2002, I met a guy in a wheelchair(there for sale of marijuana)and I promised him that, even though it sounded like a long time, he would be walking again in fifteen years due to Moore's law
Looks like I am right on schedule, though I wonder what ever happened to him.

Venezuela has never suspended anyones drivers license until now

Brachs Candy heiress gets house arrest sentence, fine for cocaine parties

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The guy who started the May 21 rapture/doomsday insanity lives in Boulder, Colorado.

He originally predicted the world would end on Sept. 6, 1994. When he was wrong, he said it was a "mathematical error."

Zaba search has deleted his address from their files
Harold Camping was born in Boulder ninety years ago

Full live concert video of Tommy by The Who.

The first-ever country record was recorded on 30 June 1922 (or possibly on July 1)

Amos Milburn - Bad Bad Whiskey

One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer was written by Rudy Toombs, who was not a performer himself. Toombs wrote the song for Amos Milburn, but, before Milburn had a chance to record it, John Lee Hooker came out with a version of his own.
cough--Rammstein performs a Bavarian drinking song
Cal Smith -- Lord Knows I'm Drinkin'

What's my Line? Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor talks to Larry King about being charged with slapping a Beverly Hills police officer.

Angelina Jolie visits with Wounded Warriors

She's a member of the CFR and a Freemason

speaking of Freemasons, Lindsay Lohan fears 'Freemason stalker'

The Launch of the S.S Cantigny, U.S. Army Troopship, October 27, 1919, Hog Island Shipyard, Philadelphia PA

The Great Corn Adventure

Understanding Cornhole

Photos of Mississippi Floodwaters

Pictures of homemade flood levees, built to protect homes in areas flooding from the swelling Mississippi.

The Worlds First 111 Gigapixel Image

We may well look back at May 16, 2011 as the day the Constitution gasped its last breath.

Top congressional leaders agreed Thursday to a four-year extension of the anti-terrorist Patriot Act
Assassination nation: Are there any limits on President Obama's license to kill?
Richie Havens - License To Kill

In Rust Belt, manufacturers add jobs, but factory pay isn’t what it used to be

Playboy puts entire 57 years of magazines online

Yale Opens Its Image Vault Online for Free

Bill Moyers: ‘We’re Almost Out of Time’

The FAA has been asked to issue flying rights for a range of pilotless planes to carry out civilian and law-enforcement functions

New Respiratory Disease In Soldiers Returning From Iraq And Afghanistan

We're being bathed in deadly radiation now. There's no getting around it - everybody in the northern hemisphere is being poisoned

Nuclear Physicist: Most Of The Fallout From Dirty Plutonium MOX Fuel Will Drop On The US, Unless Very Strong Winds Take It Somewhere Else
Japan: Radioactive Water Dumped Into Pacific Due To “STRONG REQUEST” From The US
Dr Helen Coldicot Japan Radiation will Kill Millions of People (18.03.11)
As the Japanese government and TEPCO struggle to bring the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant under control, a group of pensioners has decided to put their lives at risk to save younger people from radiation.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dick is a Killer

In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir [Hardcover] Dick Cheney (Author), Liz Cheney (Contributor)

Dennis Kucinich - Israel is Killing Children With Your American Tax Dollars

Christian man demonstrating self-baptism in a bathtub.

GET OFF MY LAWN - Secret Service Interrogates Seventh Grader Without Parents’ Consent

Quote - “Barack Will Never Allow You to Go Back to Your Lives as Usual.”

Cocoa Tea's Barack Obama Reggae Song

A fabric shelter that, when sprayed with water, turns to concrete within 24 hours

CHART: Who Funds The IMF?

Stephen Hawking with his sister Mary Hawking, 1948.

How about this one--A young Barack Obama as a pirate with his mother Ann Dunham.

Are You Annoying? Take The Quiz

Hoopla Pale Ale a collaboration beer between The String Cheese Incident’s Kyle Hollingsworth and Boulder Beer, was tapped for the first time

Listen to the Brew4U Podcast

Mark Stark’s Prosthetic Hand lands on the cover of Popular Science!

Demonstration of Mark Stark's Natural Dexterous Hand Tying Shoelaces
Demonstration of One-Handed Catch Using Mark Stark's Natural Dexterous Hand
Here is a different one

Bionic hand for 'elective amputation' patient
Amputee Patrick demonstrates his new bionic hand

Emerson, Lake and Palmer's first performance

Knife Edge

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Port Harcourt meat market in Nigeria.

Oh, the smell!!!

CIA drug trafficking - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

US raids civil service pension fund as it hits $14.3 trillion debt limit

LOL, That middle-class lifestyle was fun while it lasted Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky

Professor Christopher Busby, who's from the European Committee says Fukushima reactors a raging radioactive inferno and a global problem

What Google and Facebook Are Hiding

Eli Pariser of the progressive organization MoveOn says the Internet is hiding things from us, and we don’t even know it.

Three-toed sloth crossing the road in Costa Rica

Newt Gingrich hit with glittery confetti by a protester Tuesday during the appearance at a book-signing

Newt Gingrich owed six figures to Tiffany's

Coors fires man for smoking medical marijuana


Young Arnold Schwarzenegger in Brazil

Controversial Former CU Professor Ward Churchill Offered $350 For Speech

The CIAC is a multi agency fusion center created to help prevent terrorism incidents in Colorado.

(CIAC) in an inconspicuous office building in Centennial, a southern suburb of Denver
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura FEMA CAMP, POLICE STATE

Food Porn

Food News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

Bob Dylan Poetically Tells Media People They’re All Still Idiots

Keith Richards on Bob Dylan, women, Mick, drugs and living the rock and roll life

New Vatican Sex Abuse Guidelines Don't Require Reporting Abuse To Authorities

The fall -- and rise -- of stuntman Mark Dissette(an old acquaintance)

His upcoming show How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying : On Stage : PHAMALY

Kansas tightens abortion clinic regulations

Miriam Leverington fired from her job as a nurse at Memorial Health System for talking back to a Colorado Springs cop

Tourist Helicopters Turning Brooklyn Into 'Nam

A Third Of New Yorkers Under 30 Want To Leave

America’s Most Isolated Federal Prisoner Describes 10,220 Days in Extreme Solitary Confinement

While in jail he killed two prisoners and a guard

Solitary Confinement Widely Used in U.S.

BBC censors the word ‘Palestine’ from song


Huge plantation of marijuana found in secret underground facility in Poland(video)

Footage from some of the upcoming documentary of evidence "9/11: Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Reported Radiation Exposures / Illnesses / Fatalities

Boulder men accused of trampling tulips on Pearl Street Mall

Tiny Tim - Tiptoe Through Tulips
My Dog Tulip: 'A moving, funny, oddly soothing journey' - video

Supreme Court upholds warrantless search of apartment based on marijuana smell

And just a few days ago-Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home

We don't need no stinkin Fourth Amendment

The music lineup for the 40th Annual Capitol Hill People’s Fair was released today, including 130 bands of all genres performing on six stages

The ocean currents head from Japan to the West Coast of the U.S so Is It Safe to Eat Salmon from the West Coast?

The Topp (Tagging of Pacific Pelagics) project has discovered that bluefin tuna once believed to live separate lives in Japanese and Californian waters may belong to a single population.
Before, this tuna would have been counted twice and we would have thought there are twice as many tuna as there are,said Prof O'Dor.
Not to worry, though: ...fish are so unlikely to be contaminated, that the US govt. won't even bother to test them, so all's well...

Radioactive materials in the ocean near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant rose to 3,300 times the legal limit on Sunday.

Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues -Live

Gregg Allman Band . Not My Cross To Bear . 11.11.88

When the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented, it will provide insurance for around 30 million Americans who currently lack it

covered here by Mefi

Ron Paul Calls Social Security and Medicare Unconstitutional, Compares Them to ‘Slavery’
Ron Paul's 15 Most Extreme Positions
Rand Paul: Universal Health Care Is Basically Slavery

7.6% of those alive today are 65 or over. In 2100, 22.3% will be.

Making Toys from Trash

'Libya is US, China's battleground' - Paul Craig Roberts - 15/5/2011

CNN's Zakaria Reveals He Advises President Obama On Foreign Policy

John F. Kennedy Speech (April 27, 1961) About Secret Societies

3 teens charged in San Diego Craigslist killing

GPS Shoe keeps track of your loves ones

Lawyer involved in Jon Benet Ramsy case commits suicide

San Francisco to require ID scans, photos(and thumbprints) of everyone who goes to a venue

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The White House now has banned cameras during the daily news briefings

US spy balloon crashes into Arizona neighborhood.

California Prison guards can retire at the age of 55 and earn 85% of their final year's salary for the rest of their lives (plus medical)

The Corbett Report - The International Forecaster Bob Chapman discusses the Osama psyop, the manipulation of the silver market, and the path to war.

Charity Navigator, America's premier independent charity evaluator

What Snopes has to say

BTW,the Salvation Army, as a religious organization, doesn't report its expenses to the IRS, the only available figures for executive salaries are estimates, which vary greatly from source to source.

AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know

Challenging AIPAC's Abuse of US Taxpayers Money

Daughter of Horror (1955)

Universal Horror: history of the early horror films made by Universal Studios

Lady Gaga Is " ninth cousin, once removed" with Madonna

Yoko Ono commands her Twitter followers do some pretty outlandish things.

Press For Truth Presents Into The Fire, the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history

Why Nobody Can Trust The Mainstream Media

The musical test that reveals the extent of brain damage

The Hoyos Group unveiled the first portable iris-scanning device for consumers. It's called Eye-Lock.


Members of Congress Urge Turkey to Stop Gaza Flotilla

Who's Your Daddy?

The Skeleton Closet - All the Dirt on All the 2012 Presidential Candidates

The Skeleton Closet - All the Dirt on All the 2012 Presidential Candidates

Huge Denver City Corruption

Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense 12 May 2011

U.S. Government Wants To Censor Search Engines And Browsers

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion (usually military), bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by organization’s members

Third worker dies at Japan nuclear plant

Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Radiation on 2nd Floor of Reactor 1 Exceeded 1,000 Millisieverts/Hour

The 5 Worst States to Get Busted With Pot

There are plans to increase the federal government’s powers by giving them the right to strip national security whistleblowers of their pensions.

The Boiling Frogs Podcast Show #43 presents Stephen Kohn to discuss his book The Whistleblower’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing what’s Right and Protecting Yourself.

Russian tax law is so complex that Novikov Restaurant Group employs five accountants at each restaurant

I guess you can't read the article without registering, so you just have to read the comments on the gateway blog

Wag the Dog Is a Training Film For the Obama White House

WOW. They scammed everybody. You can not believe anything they tell you.

Like that Bin Laden porn story.

Well, In May 2010, the CIA admited to creating a fake video of a drunken Osama bin Laden and his associates purporting to have sex with young boys.

In China selling your organs for cash is a mouse click away


National Level Exercise 2011 is scheduled for May 16

The year 2011 is the bicentennial anniversary of the 1811 New Madrid earthquake, for which the NMSZ is named.

Eye for an Eye - A man will be punished by dripping acid into his eyes in Tehran on Saturday May 14

Considering the damage done to the girl he is getting off easy

Update: Punishment has been delayed

A Man Saves His Home From White River Flood in DeValls Bluff Arkansas

Ron Paul on Hardball 5/13/11.

Friday, May 13, 2011

California will close a fourth of its parks(70) to save $33 million over the next two years

Welcome To Poker Stoned!

The Denver public this weekend will have the rare opportunity to fly in World War II aircraft.

This year alone, taxpayers are spending more than $45 billion in interest on the money borrowed to battle al-Qaeda

Hundreds of Millions of Gallons of Jet Fuel Used in Support of U.S. Ops in Afghanistan
House Panel Authorizes Nearly $700 Billion in Defense Spending

Assassinations are the leading cause of death among Iraqi males, so the Iraqi government bans public smoking


Chicago holds a record number of surveillance cameras, estimated at up to 10,000

Spying on U.S Citizens — Uncle Sam turns his multi-billion dollar espionage network on U.S Citizens
One Mainframe To Rule Them All

Leonard Nimoy demonstrates Magnavision LaserDisc Player

The abandoned Joyland Amusement park in Wichita, Kansas

The original design of Mount Rushmore

Ancient Egypt: The First Pyramid

Man gets Brain Herpes

8 Simple, Everyday Ways To Get A Brain Bleed

Pink Floyd - Apples And Oranges - 1967 American Bandstand TV Show

pink floyd astronomy domine

Norwegian Institute For Air Research : ‘ZARDOZ’ Files Show Radiation At VERY HIGH Levels Over The US And Canada (05/12/2011)

100 years of historic shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Renowned opera soprano Mary Garden in concert at Red Rocks on May 10, 1911.

Giant Military Radar Parked In Port Of Seattle


S. 679: Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011

Saturday, May 07, 2011

1969 VIDEO: Beatles (and Yoko) speak out on immigration

The U.S. Postal Service is on the brink of financial insolvency

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Famed marijuana activist dies of lung cancer at age 56

In August 1976, Ben Masel of Madison, Wis, led a group of marchers to the Crown Hotel in Kansas City to seek water and use of toilets.
They were refused permission to enter the hotel, where President Ford stayed during the 1976 Republican Convention, and remained outside chanting slogans.

Media Monarchy episode 217 (May 6, 2011)

The first guest,Richard A. Grove who worked at World Trade Center 1, and survived the 9/11 attacks explains the Global Network that put GW Bush in to power

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Milky Way Galaxy from a number of different photos merged into one fantastic interactive shot

Some Black Holes Could Be Older Than the Big Bang

Global food harvests dragged lower by global warming

Fox terminates Newt Gingrich’s and Rick Santorum’s contracts

Ron Paul's Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal Draws Cheers At Fox News GOP Debate

Ron Paul asks South Carolina republicans if they would use heroin

Man turns his head 180 degrees

FOIA- Reveals US hires reporters to promote its propaganda.

Don Henley-All She Wants To Do Is Dance

Handfeeding a Wasp

VBS TV: "Gun Markets of Pakistan": Where the Taliban Goes Shopping

U.S. To Use Frozen Libya Assets To Fund Rebels

Obama administration floats a plan to tax cars by the mile

The plan is a part of the administration's Transportation Opportunities Act

Osama Bad,Obama Good(rinse,repeat)

Drinking coffee, having sex are triggers that raise rupture risks for brain aneurysm

Delta Passengers Forced To Land & Ride Bus For 5 Hours.

Tireshop Spits On Investigative TV Crew

Highly contagious mystery virus with AIDS-like symptoms quickly spreading throughout China

Life Is A Carnival - The Band

Keith Oberman-A Special Comment: The Death of Osama bin Laden

Karotz: The RFID Rabbit That’ll Monitor Your Home

Up Against the War Machine in Kansas City

,,,,,were kept in handcuffs for 5 hours and jailed for up to 20, then released pending trial. In Kansas City’s 80-year-old city holding tanks

KC jail is a bad place to be

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

U.S. military's use of Geronimo moniker as a code name for bin Laden was appalling

Scary Days Indeed - CIA Used Satellites To Prep For Bin Laden Raid

The main type of laser microphone is a surveillance device that uses a laser beam to detect sound vibrations in a distant object. The object is typically inside a room where a conversation is taking place, and can be anything that can vibrate (for example, a picture on a wall) in response to the pressure waves created by noises present in the room.

SPY FACT OF THE DAY - Sheep Dipping: U.S. intelligence term for camouflaging or disguising the true identity of equipment or individuals

Justifying Torture -Osama bin Laden’s Useful Death by Paul Craig Roberts

Osama Bin Laden Hunter, Gary Faulkner demands Tuesday a share of the official $27 million reward following the terror chief's death
'Bin Laden Dead' Hoax Exposed
White House: We Lied the First Time Politico is reporting that the White House is re-spinning the events surrounding the killing of Osama bin Laden:

Blackwater, now Xe, has hired the infamous John Ashcroft

Robots Now Catch Balls